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La Misma Luna 1080p Hd

“this sweet, and ultimately superficial, mexican-american romance feels like a textbook case of how to make an exploitation flick about immigrants, complete with moralistic, misanthropic characters and a charismatic villain, only it hasn’t been made in thirty years. it might be the most remarkable thing about la misma luna, an otherwise uninspired drama. “

directed by marvin hernandez, under the same moon (la misma luna) is a romantic tale about a mexican-american couple who only see each other with relatives at their farm. it’s portrayed as a true-life movie based on their experiences, featuring many scenes of their daily lives.

may i offer a few thoughts about working in a foreign country? it is truly different to live and work in two different countries. it was very difficult for me, because during three months of the shooting i spoke only spanish, and many situations and characters were on this language. i watched some movies from the foreign country, for example madame bovary in french, and i tried to apply it to the interpretation of the character i play. what i noticed, thanks to the movies from french and other foreign countries, is the differences between their society and ours, because our culture is similar, but their cultures are so different to each other.

the reason why a lot of people choose to cross the borders illegally, is the difference between them, but, during the filming we talked a lot about the situation of mexican-americans in america, as well as immigrants who have been there for a long time. they said that the american authorities never give any documents to them, and for this reason many of them do not have a permit to live. so, what happens? they have to pay tax and when they ask for the tax they get bad treatment, they do not have any rights and no freedom.

aligning itself with the road movie format provides la misma luna with a heightened degree of cinematic expression. when we first meet the protagonists, we see a young man in the background of an office with a calculator in his hand and another in the foreground. it’s as if someone is timing how long it takes for the man to get from one to the other. without being overly technical, this montage effect further builds the visual tension of the film by indicating that time is running out for carlitos. we soon see time pass before our eyes. this device creates a cinematic effect that makes the audience feel the same sense of urgency that carlitos experiences. while it’s easy to dismiss it as a gimmick, many movies have used this device to create a sense of closeness. the music in this scene, for example, emphasizes carlitos’s excitement and anxiety by building to a crescendo in the score. when things get dangerous, the intensity of the music keeps pace as carlitos’s pace and goals slow down. through a series of montages and an extended sequence shot in a grainy “buddy show” format, the film encourages the audience to identify with carlitos’s experience of going through his daily life. it reminds the audience of its own life and allows the film to explore the immigrant experience in more detail than previous films about the subject, even by american directors.
la misma luna chronicles the life of a young mexican boy who wants to find his mother in the united states and get her citizenship. after the death of his grandmother, carlitos travels on foot along the california border to find her. he does get across the border, but finds his mother has been living illegally in los angeles for some time and is determined to remain in the us. on his journey carlitos encounters a series of characters along the way, many of them immigrants. the film has an uncomfortable feeling of misfit and irreconcilability. it’s hard to imagine a film that addresses the difficulties of immigrants in the united states in the 20th century, as these qualities make carlitos’s journey seem pretty unbelievable. lacking characterization and environment, his character lacks any emotional worth or drive. the only character who shows any emotion is carlitos’s grandmother, an old mexican woman who suffers from alzheimer’s. she worries about carlitos and is a driving force in his quest to find his mother.

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